Microsoft Listened Well And Here Came Windows 10

Windows-OS-2Windows 10 is the latest and newest variation of Microsoft’s Windows working framework. This Operating System is a variant that will represent a lot of truth for the technology giant in Redmond Washington. It was released in July 29 last year and offered as an upgrade to many users weeks before its launch.

Despite the fact that Windows 8.1 improved a considerable measure, there’s no getting away from the fact that with Windows 8, Microsoft pretty much slacked off and just rode off on most of Windows 7’s features. It definitely misread its users with a very distinctive interface that didn’t register well and was difficult to learn. It failed both the Windows users as it did fail itself.

Thankfully, 2016 Microsoft is not quite the same as the 2012 group. The key people of the organization has rearranged and they have understood that individuals can pick other different systems instead. MSFT has been programming for Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. It has been permitting applications from different frameworks to be effortlessly ported to Windows as well. That alone, for a global company to be so adaptive, has been a great difference for the tech titan.



Most Recently

 Eight months after the release, Microsoft has halted updating the OS and producing news spinning around its progressions of changes throughout the main portion of 2016. It has been anyone’s guess if the company has been deciding deliberately on their next steps or just waiting for the proper timing for another announcement.

slide1In one event though, Microsoft divulged the Anniversary Update for Windows. It was, probably the one named for Redstone Phase One. The overhaul will likely arrive in mid year It will most likely offer a suite of stylus applications to utilize them in Windows Ink. There will be notifications in Android and an all out Linux advancement incorporated right inside the OS among others.

If you want to test the real upgrade through Fast Ring, you may do so at risk. It is part of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program and for the sake of safety only experienced Windows user can play with it (please). If you want to give it a shot with a minimal measure of damage there’s a “Discharge Preview” Ring in the system. Remember to be careful when you decide to do it.


Windows Ink

Microsoft also presented Windows Ink and changes to Cortana. Doing this helps users remember what “Windows as a Service” truly implies. And that is to make the Windows ecosystem available for anyone, using a lot of different applications, adapted to a lot of different users.

But if you’re part of the pack waiting for much greater changes to Windows 10 leading to its redesign, don’t hold your breath as the second coming of Redstone will be pushed back to Spring of 2017. This release will come along a new hardware.

It is also a good thing that with the release of Windows 10, hardware partners are urged to step up on their firmware and hardware security as they carry on the Windows 10 software.


featuredA Sweet Spot

Microsoft trusts that the eventual fate of Windows is its being a universal platform. Like Android for mobile, the advantage of Windows is in the large number of organizations that push for applications developed through its framework.

Microsoft is claiming an install base of 270 million users and Windows 10 is holding somewhere around 14% to 21% of the OS share in the market. Windows 10 too is currently the most well known OS among PC gamers. It looks like Microsoft has hit the sweet spot once again.